Facial Reflation

What is Facial Reflation?

Overtime, the effects of gravity cause the face to sink, sag and wrinkle. Similar to a beach ball which is firm and round when new, it begins to deflate and descend as it ages. It is a well-documented fact, that most people have lost about 20% of their facial volume by the age of 50. This volume loss causes our faces to look tired, hollow and less youthful than our chronological age may indicate or we may feel inside. Even with the most expertly done facelift, the face will not appear natural if the lost volume is not restored. Our goal is to restore the youthful appearance.

Facial reflation is the process of using injectable hyaluronic acid fillers to restore the lost volume, while simultaneously recreating lost contours. Hyaluronic acid is a type of sugar that is naturally present in body tissues such a skin and cartilage. It has the ability to attract water causing a natural, smoothing effect. Hyaluronic acid fillers are a synthetic product that matches your body’s natural hyaluronic acid. It is made by many different companies in comes in molecular sizes ranging from very small and fine, to quite large and substantial. We chose the appropriate product and sub-type depending on your specific needs. All these products are Health Canada approved and are exceptionally safe. They are gradually broken down by your body’s natural processes in approximately 9-12 months.

Facial Reflation Treatment

In the past, the clinical approach with fillers was to focus on improving mere lines or individual wrinkles, rather than restoring the whole face. The global full face concept is grounded in the belief that restoration, by definition, is the act of replacing something that was lost or returning something as close as possible to its original NATURAL state. As such, our goal is to turn back the clock to your original, youthful self, rather than creating an unnatural or overfilled look.

Depending on the degree of deflation, fillers can be used as a volumizer to plump and lift the cheeks, redefine the jawline, contour the chin and nose, fill the hollowing in the temples and soften the lines around the mouth, nose and eyes.

Dramatic results can be obtained during one session. Some potential bruising and swelling may occur, but otherwise there is minimal downtime. Maintenance treatments may be required every 9-18 months.

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