Neck Rejuvenation Laser Therapy

What is Neck Rejuvenation Laser Therapy?

Aging Neck Treatment Calgary, ABOver time, exposure to the sun and the effects of gravity causes our skin to sink and sag. No matter how active and healthy we are, the elasticity in our skin decreases as we age.   In the past, most laser and aesthetic treatments have been focused on the face.  However, the neck can often show more damage and aging than the remainder of our body, creating a contrast between our neck and face.  Until now, there have not been effective non-invasive treatments available.  However, the new SP DYNAMIS FOTONA Laser has both an ND Yag (1064nm) and an Erbium Yag (2940nm) component that allows us to target three different problems in a sequential fashion; with little or no downtime. As each step targets different issues that stimulate pulling, tightening and new collagen production, we have found that the combination of these laser treatments provides the most improvement to an aging neck.

Neck Rejuvenation Steps

Laser Neck Rejuvenation Calgary, AB

Pulling Step – ND YAG Frac 3

This new state of the art technology targets the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System “SMAS” which is a thin layer of fascia that covers the deeper tissues of the lower face, neck, and jawline where the muscle attaches to bone. By targeting this region, it creates a “pulling” effect, tightening up the loose muscles and skin, thereby creating a stronger foundation to the face.  Some mild discomfort is associated with this portion of the treatment and therefore cool air is used to make it more comfortable and tolerable.

Superficial Tightening – SMOOTH Mode

We like to call this step the “shrinkwrap” component as we focus on tightening the superficial layers of the skin. This energy heats up the tissue just below the surface of the skin in a step-down approach, causing heat without penetrating the surface of the skin. The cool air will also be used during this step to make it more comfortable. The skin will often be quite red immediately following the procedure and it will create a delayed exfoliation, with mild to moderate peeling 24-72 hours after the procedure.

Deep Bulk Heating Stimulating Collagen Growth – PIANO Mode

The mode of this laser penetrates underneath the surface of the skin to “bulk heat” the collagen fibers that lie in the dermal layers of your skin. By heating your underlying skin cells above 40*C for 3 minutes, it “unwinds” the collagen fibers, which then contract and tighten as they cool. Think of it like putting your jeans in the dryer to tighten them up! At this level and temperature, it also stimulates new collagen formation in a process that continues for three to six months after your last treatment.

Intraoral Tightening Option – “Tightening From The Inside Out”

In addition to the 3 external laser steps, a 4th intraoral step is also an option.  This uses the same SMOOTH mode settings described above, but the treatment is performed to the inner areas of the cheeks and mouth. Other than the discomfort of having to hold your mouth open throughout the procedure, the treatment is painless and the tightening can be felt immediately by running your tongue along the inside of your cheeks.

How Many Laser Neck Rejuvenation Treatments Will I Need?

As we are targeting underlying tissue and stimulating deep collagen and elastin growth, a minimum of 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks will be required. With each decade of age, additional treatment may be recommended to provide the optimal results. (Eg. 50 – 5 treatments, 60 – 6 treatments, etc.) Your level of damage and response to treatment will determine ongoing maintenance requirements.  However, it is expected that one annual treatment or a series of 3 treatments every 1-2 years may be all that is required to maintain your results.

Can Neck Rejuvenation Be Performed With Other Procedures

Although the laser is effective in treating the skin by creating a stronger foundation, adjunctive treatments with neuromodulators (Botox), injections to permanently remove submental fat (Belkyra), injectable fillers to replace volume loss and high-quality products may also be recommended to obtain and maintain optimal results.  Our team can help you determine the best multi-step approach for you concerns.

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