Periorbital Blue Veins

What Are Periorbital Blue Veins?

Periorbital blue veins are a small blue or purple visible veins that appear on the face, most commonly around the eyes. Anatomically, they start at the bridge of the nose near the inside of the eye, and then extend along the tear trough and move outwards to the temple and forehead region. It is also normal to have branches that extend vertically from the larger veins. These are redundant veins that can be eliminated with laser without any adverse effects on tissues. These veins are a variant of normal and can even be present in early childhood. As they become more prominent, some people find them to be unsightly and treatment can be considered for cosmetic purposes.

Blue Vein Treatment

The ND YAG 1064nm is a non-ablative (does not cut the surface of the skin) laser that effectively targets these deep veins. The specific wavelength of this laser, targets hemoglobin causing tissue heating. This causes the blood to coagulate and the vein to collapse. In many cases the results are permanent, but as blood is continually flowing through these veins, in some cases the vessels can gradually open up overtime. In addition, the areas of the veins that are directly adjacent to the eyes cannot be treated. Therefore, only veins that are located outside of the orbital rim can be treated. Our goal is a REDUCTION in the appearance of these veins, not complete removal.

Although these treatments are well tolerated, there is some mild discomfort with the procedure. The ND YAG 1064nm laser feels like a hot, elastic band snapping on the skin. Several individual pulses with the laser will be required as we move along the visible vein. Some mild swelling and occasional blistering may occur. Ice packs may be used to relieve the pain and reduce the swelling. Two to four treatments may be required to obtain optimal improvement, and maintenance treatments may be required as new veins appear over time.

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