What are Syringomas?

Syringomas are small 1-3mm flesh colored to yellow bumps that typically occur in clusters on the upper and/or lower eyelids. They are caused by the overgrowth of cells from sweat glands (eccrine glands). Syringomas usually develop spontaneously in adulthood, and can develop in people of any race and of either gender. However, women tend to be affected slight more frequently than men. These lesions have no negative effects and cause no symptoms of pain or itchy. Although they are non-cancerous (benign) growths, they can be cosmetically unsightly to patients.

Syrimgoma Treatment

Syringomas can be difficult to treat. There are no topical creams or home remedies that are effective for treating Syringomas. Any type of removal may result in some permanent damage to the skin. Therefore, if they do not bother you too much, you may want to simply leave them in place.

The carbon dioxide laser (Co2 Laser) is the most effective way of removing Syringomas if one decides to proceed with removal for cosmetic purposes. The area is anesthetized with a small needle and then the Co2 laser precisely removes a layer of skin at a time until the lesion has been removed. It is impossible to know the depth of the lesions until the removal process has begun. As these are three-dimensional structures, our goal is to flatten, soften them and improving the appearance by approximately 50%. It is important to go into the procedure with realistic expectations of the outcome.

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