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Rejuvenate your skin and your confidence at Remington Laser. Since 1971, our laser clinic in Calgary has focused on what matters most: making you look and feel your best. Our world-recognized team will develop a treatment plan uniquely designed on your personal goals and lifestyle, delivering real results that truly empower your confidence and enhance personal well-being.

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World-renowned doctors committed to education. A global reputation of excellence and quality. The comfort and reassurance of a high standard of care and guidance. You can experience all this – and much more – with Remington Laser.  We are proud to provide comfortable, holistic consultations that address our clients concerns with sincerity and practicality. We know that offering solutions while providing a flexible and relaxed approach is essential to the process.


Since 1971, we have transformed the lives of women and men with the latest laser technologies and dermatology services, safely removing their various skin conditions while restoring their confidence and natural skin. Highly experienced and committed to our clients’, we can do what no one else can – and that’s why we’re the team to trust for all laser dermatology in Calgary.


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Dr. Kent Remington
The creator of Remington Laser Dermatology Centre. Establishing the very first laser clinic in Canada in 1979, Dr. Kent Remington is internationally known and respected for his innovative, artistic and comprehensive approach to aesthetic treatments using laser treatments, light-energy devices, fillers, and neuromodulators.
Dr. Todd Remington
Actively involved in the advancement of dermatologic surgery, Dr. Todd Remington is passionate about surgical dermatology, skin cancer, and laser surgery. He has extensive training in cosmetic dermatology, is known for his dramatic yet natural results and welcoming approach to ensure every patient has a positive experience.
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It’s Time to Look in the Mirror and Love What You See

As we get older, the signs of aging appear as the skin loses volume, unwanted lumps and bumps appear, and you notice the faded remnants of an unwanted tattoo. Luckily, you can now turn back the clock to a time that captures the person you love to see in the mirror. Personalized, safe and highly effective, our laser and dermatology treatments can deliver long-term, amazing results that bring your natural beauty and uniqueness to the forefront. Experience the treatment you deserve with Remington Laser.

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