Laser Hair Removal

How does Laser Hair Removal work?


Using our LightSheer® DUET™, this remarkable treatment destroys the hair follicles with a light source or true laser (the most powerful laser for body hair removal). This laser produces a high energy flash of light that passes safely through skin. The light is then absorbed by the follicle and converted into heat, destroying the follicle.

How many Laser Hair treatments are needed?

All areas require require approximately 4-6 treatments. Facial areas are treated 4-6 weeks apart and body areas are spaced 10-12 weeks apart.

Does it hurt?

The treatment feels like a rubber band snapping the skin with a temporary stinging sensation afterwards. Anesthetic cream can be used for this discomfort. The treated area may be red and puffy afterwards and usually lasts 12-24 hours.

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