5 Facts About Nonsurgical Nose Jobs

Surgical nose jobs, or rhinoplasties, are among the most poorly understood procedures by consumers today. Generally speaking, it is widely thought that nose jobs offer a permanent solution to unwanted nose contour challenges and difficulty with breathing. In most cases, this is simply not the case. 

Most surgical nose jobs result in disappointing aesthetic results and, oftentimes, lead to complications with breathing due to collapsed nasal valves. Surgical revisions often render patients with limited, if any, improvement and can often make the nose appear worse and decrease functionality.

As a result of numerous surgical nose job complications, there has been a rising interest in nonsurgical rhinoplasty with hyaluronic (HA) dermal fillers to help improve nose contour and functionality. The advantages of nonsurgical nose jobs are numerous including the ability to deliver treatment with a much shorter and far less invasive procedure.

How Is a Nonsurgical Nose Job Performed?

The nonsurgical, or liquid, rhinoplasty can be performed without anesthesia, other than the application of topical numbing cream just prior to this 30-minute procedure. Patients are awake while receiving injections with tiny needles the size of a pore and generally tolerate the procedure very well.

The Benefits of Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

In many cases, the visual results are immediate and patients often enjoy improved breathing before leaving the clinic. 

Nonsurgical nose jobs often involve very minimal discomfort, swelling, bruising, and redness. If a patient does experience these symptoms, they usually resolve quite quickly.

Since the nonsurgical rhinoplasty does NOT require sedation, risk can be minimized significantly as opposed to the surgical approach. The treatment typically takes less than half an hour, and uses minimally invasive techniques, offering far less risk of infection, swelling, bruising, and downtime, whereas surgical rhinoplasty requires sedation, is much more invasive, and requires many days or weeks of uncomfortable recovery time.

HA Dermal Filler Results

The immediate advantages of HA dermal fillers with a nonsurgical nose job procedure are obvious. The long-term results are equally as impressive since HA dermal fillers continue to build collagen, elastin, and tissue integrity over time. 

How Long Does a Nonsurgical Nose Job Last?

Patients can get great longevity from the nonsurgical nose job with HA dermal fillers, and the rebuilding process continues to work for many months afterwards. With the advancements in top-grade HA dermal fillers today, patients can enjoy many months to years of great results with nonsurgical rhinoplasty without revision. If a minor touch-up is required, often less HA dermal filler is used to keep the nose at its optimal shape and function.

Common Misconceptions About Surgical Nose Jobs

One of the biggest misconceptions about surgical approaches to nose jobs is that it is permanent. This is most often not the case as evidenced by requests from patients who request revisions due to unsatisfactory surgical results or changes over time. 

It is not uncommon for too much cartilage to be removed during surgical rhinoplasty, rendering the patient with newfound breathing challenges and undesirable aesthetic outcomes. With HA dermal fillers, tissue is actually strengthened on and around the nose to provide support where needed, improving function and form. 

With the correct choice of HA dermal filler, it can be added or dissolved as needed with minimal risk or downtime, whereas post-surgical challenges are extremely difficult to revise, often leading to long-term challenges. HA dermal fillers are extremely versatile, and they can be revised as necessary to keep your nose looking and functioning at its best as you mature over time.

An expert dermatologist performing a non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment on a female patient using injectable fillers.

Nonsurgical Options Are Rising in Popularity

With either nonsurgical or surgical nose jobs, it is important to understand that neither offer permanent solutions, each requiring attention over time. With heightened risks with general anesthesia, possible infection, and permanent undesirable results with surgical nose jobs, the nonsurgical rhinoplasty is gaining popularity for its ability to improve the nose both functionally and aesthetically with little risk or downtime.

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