Facial Maintenance Program Selected Notes

All of us start out with nice baby skin that we all adore but eventually this skin matures the rate of aging depends on your genetics, accumulated exposure to the sun, smoking, and the natural evolution of the skin. Even those that have great faces to start with, do not keep them forever without some help…

Our facial appearance up to about the age of 40 is primarily genetics and after that how we look depends on three basic factors. Genetics still play an important role but those that look good in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s is often related to knowing centres like ours and following a clever maintenance program at home.

More Canadian’s are understanding that looking after their skin, particularly their facial skin, is a maintenance project like maintaining your teeth, your car, or your hair. Those that choose to maintain their skin and are aware of the new non-invasive approaches that we have at our centre are very happy with their results. The features of a lifetime of sun exposure (your skin has a perfect memory of every minute of sun exposure you have had in your life) are influenced by your skin type plus the aging process. They are manifested by texture changes which is the feel of your skin, the loss of tone (tone is the life of your skin), color changes which are the blotchy brownish dusky color from the sun exposure that occur on the face, front of the chest, extensor forearms, and dorsal hands. Other important sun exposure features include multiple tiny vessels giving a flushed red blotchy appearance, increasing pore size which adds to the cloudy appearance of the skin, multiple fine lines, and some develop exaggerated wrinkles.

The current approach to improving all of these features of sun damage and aging is a non-invasive concept where there is no down time from your personal life. This involves a clever combination of Intense Pulsed Light now called Light Therapy, Phototherapy, or Photorejuvenation. This requires several treatments like climbing steps on a ladder, usually 2-3 weeks apart for approximately 5 treatments. Because of the two newer topical anesthetics the procedure is quite comfortable. The unique combination of Intense Pulsed Light focusing on eyelid rejuvenation using the new filers such as Restylane Fine Lines, Restylane, Perlane, Artecoll, plus Botox really enhances your appearance.

It is not a new concept that how you look on the outside has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself self-image is how you see yourself in relationship to others and your peers. There is a startling bias in our society against those that look older. Improving your appearance gives you a much more confident, smoother appearance and enhances your self-concept.

There are essentially two types of patients at my centre. Those that have caught on to the maintenance concept and are willing to adopt this as part of their lifestyle and those that are not. Those that do maintain their skin feel much better about themselves.

Dr. Kent Remington
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