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Laser Skin Resurfacing in Calgary

With our highly experienced physicians and providers, and using state-of-the-art laser skin resurfacing technology, we’ll implement a treatment plan that is customized to you in order to achieve the natural, beautiful skin you deserve.

Get Smooth,
Hair-Free Skin
Using our LightSheer DUET - the Gold Standard in laser hair removal - delivers optimal wavelength with vacuum-assisted technology to deliver fast, comfortable treatments with clinically proven results.
Lighten and Remove Tattoos
A 3 step process using our revolutionary Fotona StarWalker featuring Nano, Pico and FracTAT technology. With this advanced laser, there is less downtime and less treatments required.
Reduce Redness
Our vascular lasers such as the Lumenis M22 and Vbeam Prima provide the best treatment options for rosacea and prominent vessels.
Soften and Flatten Scar Tissue
Using a wide range of advanced laser technology and injectable treatments, we can regenerate, soften, and flatten any scar.
Earlobe Repair
Torn or stretched earlobes can be repaired using the Co2 Laser, giving the lobes the natural look they once had.
Overcome Urinary Incontinence
Using laser to create thermal effects that stimulate collagen remodelling to greater support the bladder and urethra, minimizing incontinence.
Tighten & Firm
This non-invasive laser treatment restructures and stimulates new collagen, creating a stronger foundation for the neck, eyelids, and reduction of snoring.
As the primary underlying condition is excessive and enlarged oil glands, the CO2 Laser shrinks the oil glands while reshaping the nose.
Sagging eyelids can be treated by removing the excess skin using the Co2 Laser resulting in a more alert, awake look.
Port-Wine Stain Treatment
Our pulsed-dye laser produces laser energy to target the hemoglobin in the blood. The blood then absorbs the energy causing the vessel to collapse. This allows the colour to fade and helps to prevent the thickening that can occur over time.
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Downtime is dependent on invasive vs non-invasive treatments and will be based on your customized treatment plan.


The effectiveness of our lasers means you will receive optimal results in the shortest time possible.

Lasting Results

Results will begin to appear within a few weeks, lasting several months when they do.


Our doctors will explain your pre-treatment process in depth based on your procedure. 

  • To avoid sensitivity during treatment, retinol or chemical exfoliants should be stopped seven days prior
  • In some cases, avoid sun exposure three to four weeks before and after treatment
Post Treatment

You will be given specific instructions catered to you and your specific treatments.  You will also be advised as to what medical grade skin care regime you can use to help you maintain your results.

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Frequently asked questions

This refers to the process of creating individual vertical channels of injury into the skin, leaving the majority of the skin intact. Through this process, the thermal channels created by the laser break down scar tissue and damaged skin, stimulating a natural healing response. Collagen production is stimulated, thereby closing in the open channels and creating a stronger, healthier foundation for the skin. This type of technology is used to treat all types of scarring. Still, it is also used as a preventative treatment to stimulate collagen growth to replace the collagen that we lose through the natural aging process.

This is dependent on invasive vs non-invasive treatments and will be discussed with you prior to any treatment.

A treatment can take anywhere from 30-120 minutes depending on the treatment plan and the area.

It depends on the area treated and your personal goals. As such, it can vary significantly. 

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