Secret Filler and Botox Uses

When you really love something, do you want to learn everything about it? You could scour the internet for all the details on your favorite show, or buy every magazine with your favorite actor on the cover. We know how it is, because that’s how we feel about our work. And the thing we’re obsessed with? Injectables. Not only do they require minimal downtime, they give us life-changing results.

Even if you’ve had fillers or Botox before, we bet there’s at least one way to take advantage of them that you haven’t heard of. Keep reading to test your knowledge of how fillers can improve your look in new ways.

Keep You Flawless

Let’s say you get a cut on your face. Of course, it’s going to be from an accident. Either you’ve cut your face shaving, you’ve had an accident, or your cat got a little too feisty. If you want that cut to heal better, you’ll want to minimize movement, which can open the wound up again. Inject a tiny bit of filler around the cut to reduce movement so you can have a less visible scar. Perfect!

Shrink Earlobes

Wearing statement earrings may sound like a good idea when you’re getting compliments, but those heavy earrings can end up weighing down your ears and stretching out your earlobes after some time. Fillers can help tighten those lobes back up, so you don’t have droopy ears to worry about.

Gorgeous Smile

When you smile, do you feel happy? When you look at the pictures, do you feel sad looking at your smile? Having a smile that you’re not happy with will do that, and some of us wish we could show a little more teeth and a little less gum. Thankfully, injecting a teeny bit of Botox just beneath the nostrils can drop your upper lip just enough to cover up those prominent gums when you smile.

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