Rhinophyma: The Unusual Nose Condition

There are conditions and diseases we all seem to be familiar with. Like fairy tales, we all seem to know the story and symptoms of a common cold, the chicken pox, and acne. But, there are all sorts of conditions that are far more rare, that we learn about only when they affect us or someone close to us. Rhinophyma may be one of those conditions, and it’s a relief to find that what you suffer from is a real thing, with a real name. But even better than knowing it has a history, is knowing that we can help you treat your rhinophyma. Keep reading to learn more about this condition that affects the nose almost exclusively, and how we can help you treat it.

What is Rhinophyma?

Rhinophyma can be classified as an overactivity of the sebaceous glands in the nose. The skin on the nose then becomes thickened, bumpy and enlarged. Though rhinophyma starts with redness of the nose and thickened skin, that may almost resemble wax, the condition may worsen to disfigure the shape of the nose. The tip of the nose may appear protruding, bulbous, and you may even notice more prominent veins on the nose.

Who is susceptible to it?

People used to associate rhinophyma with alcohol or excessive drinking, but studies don’t show a correlation with alcohol and the condition. In fact, rhinophyma is more closely linked to rosacea, and you may develop rhinophyma if you have rosacea.

How can it be treated?

We treat patients with rhinophyma in our office, with the use of a CO2 laser. This allows us to precisely cut away the excess skin, leaving you with a normal looking nose again. The CO2 laser vaporizes the skin in a bloodless fashion, which allows us to shrink excess oil glands while allowing the physician to systematically reshape the nose.

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