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Sciton ProFractional technology to offer painless fractional treatments of acne scars and aging skin. Palo Alto CA – November 15, 2006. Sciton, the leader in resurfacing laser technologies, announced a significant step in the development of fractional laser treatment with its new ProFractional technology…

Sciton is developing ProFractional as a module that can be added to its Profile laser platform, which is currently used for procedures such as the MicroLaserPeel, laser resurfacing, non-ablative laser skin treatments, scar reduction, and other aesthetic laser procedures.

By focusing on the traditional aesthetic specialties of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Facial Plastic Surgeons, Sciton is committed to providing superior lasers for the advanced aesthetic physician. In line with this commitment, the ProFractional device is being investigated by key opinion leaders in the aesthetic community.

Dr. Kent Remington, a dermatologist in Calgary, Canada is one of the early investigators. “I am very excited about the potential of the ProFractional device” said Dr. Remington. “Currently I’m using ProFractional to treat challenging full face acne scars and the patients I’ve treated report that it’s virtually painless when preceded by topical anesthetic cream. In addition, by adjusting settings, I can easily control the depth of treatment allowing me to treat deep into the dermis which is ideal for acne scars”. Follow up in 7-10 days all patients to date have noticed impoved tone [life] texture and smoothing of the icepick and crater like scars

“After examining the histology of treated tissue, it’s apparent that the ProFractional heats tissue up to a depth of ¬¬¬___µm”, Said Dr. Jason Pozner a Plastic Surgeon in Boca Raton, FL. “This depth of treatment is significant for effectively treating wrinkles and tightening the skin and should provide a significant advantage over current fractional technology.”

Dr. R James Koch, a Facial Plastic Surgeon of Palo Alto, is also an early investigator using the ProFractional. “With only two treatments, I’m able to see definite improvements in wrinkles and skin tone” said Dr. Koch. “The reason patients will appreciate ProFractional, is that it is a comfortable procedure with a limited duration of post-treatment erythema”.

The ProFractional will initially be offered to Sciton Profile owners as an accessory to their Profile. Rather than requiring an entire laser purchase, physicians can instantly increase the utility of their Profile laser with a simple upgrade. This practice follows recent Sciton product launches such as the SkinTyte Accessory and BBL pulsed light.

“One of our goals is to add value to our customers systems” ” commented Dale Koop, General Manager for Sciton. “Providing a module for their Profile systems that will allow them to offer the most advanced fractional laser treatments will increase the variety and volume of treatments they can offer their patients. I frequently receive calls from our customers who thank us for providing valuable modules and accessories for their laser that enable them to fully deploy their skills and provide patients with optimal results.” The new ProFractional device will enable physicians to offer proprietary new fractional treatments by being the first system to allow users control over some basic fractional parameters, and will implement computer guided robotic control for high speed treatments.

Sciton, located in Palo Alto, California is committed to providing best-in-class laser and light source solutions for medical professionals who want superior durability, performance and value for applications that benefit their patients, their practice, and themselves. The MicroLaserPeel™ and Arctic™ peels are popular weekend procedures for facial rejuvenation giving patients a more youthful appearance and can only be offered with the Sciton PROFILE™ system. Other popular procedures offered by Sciton include hair removal, photo rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, scar reduction and acne treatments. For more information, and a complete listing of Sciton systems, log onto

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