Using lasers to remove unwanted tattoos from the skin

“A tattoo is forever.”

Well, at least it used to be. With today’s technology, men and women with unwanted tattoos in the area of Calgary, AB now have the opportunity to erase the words or pictures of the past with laser tattoo removal.

Understanding laser tattoo removal

Tattoos utilize ink pigmentation placed under the skin to create the image or words desired. This ink pigmentation is known to be permanent. However, with the use of special laser devices, laser light can penetrate deep into the skin and break down the pigmentation of the ink. The ink then becomes small enough for the skin to absorb, resulting in fading of the tattoo over time. With continued laser treatments, patients can eliminate the ink entirely from the skin and enjoy a blank canvas.

Is laser tattoo removal safe?

Laser tattoo removal has been used for years for the treatment of unwanted tattoos, and continues to be a viable option for patients who want to eliminate a tattoo instead of just cover it up with another larger tattoo. The devices used at Remington Laser Dermatology Centre are cleared by the FDA as both safe and effective for tattoo removal.

How long does it take to remove a tattoo?

Tattoos will not be removed from the skin in just one appointment. This is because the process requires several treatments to continually break down the pigmentation. Time is required to allow the body to absorb. Additionally, there are a few factors that may impact the time needed for complete elimination of a tattoo. This includes:

  • The size of the tattoo
  • The color of the ink used
  • The quality of the ink used
  • How long the tattoo has been on the skin

In most cases, patients can schedule several sessions spaced weeks apart until the tattoo is no longer noticeable on the skin. Patients may also undergo a few treatments to lighten the tattoo before they choose to cover it with another.

Ready to remove your unwanted tattoo?

Speak to the team at Remington Laser Dermatology Centre today to discuss the possibilities with laser tattoo removal. Our practice is located at 150-7220 Fisher Street SE and is always available to accept new patients.

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