Will jaw sculpting procedures leave scarring?

Calgary, AB men and women who have been unhappy with the definition of their jawline or its overall appearance might believe surgery is their only solution. Surgical procedures are invasive and carry many risks, while also being expensive and requiring patients to take significant time off of work and other social activities as they heal. Additionally, patients often want to avoid surgery which can leave behind tell-tale scarring that makes it obvious that work was done. Instead, we encourage patients to visit Remington Laser Dermatology Centre to speak with Drs. Todd Remington and Kent Remington about the advantages of nonsurgical jaw sculpting and augmentation.

How nonsurgical jaw sculpting works

While plastic surgery used to be the go-to option for patients who wanted to improve the appearance of the face, there are now alternatives that are safer, less invasive, and provide similar results. Drs. Todd Remington and Kent Remington encourage patients to learn about the benefits of using nonsurgical jaw sculpting, which combines various different treatments to achieve the final results. Some of the common solutions used when planning a patient’s treatment include:

  • Laser treatments to improve collagen stimulation
  • Fat dissolvers such as Belkyra to reduce fat in the jaw and chin area
  • Reducing lines and sinking with neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport
  • Adding volume with the use of hyaluronic acid fillers, or dermal fillers

When these treatments are combined, they can help achieve a more defined jawline and address asymmetry concerns along with reducing the appearance of the dreaded double chin. Our team of professionals will develop a treatment plan that meets the needs of the patient to help them achieve their aesthetic goals.

Learn more about nonsurgical jaw sculpting

Do you desire a more sculpted, symmetrical jaw line but want to avoid the expense and recovery of plastic surgery? If you are ready to work with a provider in the area of Calgary, AB to learn about noninvasive jaw sculpting, now is the time to connect with the doctors at Remington Laser Dermatology Centre. Call (403) 252-7784 to request a consultation visit with our team at 150-7220 Fisher Street SE.

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