Botox – Neuralgia, Painful Scars and Headaches


We are seeing increasing numbers of referred and non-referred patients requesting Botox therapy for painful lesions, scars, neuralgias, post-herpes zoster syndromes, and various headaches…

Botox works by depleting substance “P” that is responsible for the pain. This is a dramatic wonderful option but it may become a bit of a challenge for our staff, clinic space, timing, and my involvement.


  1. Dr. Remington will give patients a prescription for Botox “Therapeutic” (Technically this is the same as Botox cosmetic except it has a different DIN number. It is the same Botox Therapeutic that we use for hyperhidrosis.)
  2. Dr. Remington can direct patients to pharmacies that will assist them in their coverage / insurance plans. This should be covered by their insurance plan – whether their coverage is 80% or 100%.
  3. The service charge for my clinic per treatment session is $200.00 not covered by Alberta Health Care or insurance companies. Although some patients may have coverage that will reimburse them for the $200.00 service charge.
  4. Botox has three remarkable properties.
    a/ The ability to relax muscle in treating expression lines of the face.
    b/ Relaxing and stopping substance “P” that is responsible for pain – the pain of headaches, neuralgias, and scars.
    c/ It has the ability to turn off acetylcholine and therefore treat hyperhidrosis of the palms, soles, and armpits plus focal/localized unique areas of exaggerated sweating.

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