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As we age, it’s not uncommon to notice new bumps, spots, growths, and lesions on our skin. Although many of these growths are harmless, it is important to have them checked and removed if necessary. At Remington Laser, we offer numerous treatments for various skin lesions and conditions. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss any concerns.

Eliminate Hemangiomas
Depending on the size and type, there are two options: the V Beam, a pulsed dye laser, works effectively for smaller, flatter lesions, while the UltraPulse CO2 Laser is used to remove larger, more elevated lesions.
Smooth and Remove Benign Lesions
These growths can be safely removed by our Ultrapulse Co2 laser. The lesions are frozen before the laser systematically removes the unwanted tissue.
Remove Bothersome
We offer mole removal in Calgary via various options: cauterization, liquid nitrogen, or snip excision
Pilar Cysts
By using the Ultrapulse Co2 Laser, we can cut and cauterize simultaneously, minimizing bleeding. The laser creates an incision that exposes the cyst, and then the lining and contents can often be removed completely intact.
Remove Unsightly Syringomas
Syringomas can be difficult to treat, Co2 Laser is the most effective way of removing them as it precisely removes a layer of skin at a time until the lesion has been removed.
Eliminate the Appearance of Xanthelasma
To remove these fat deposits under the skin, our Co2 laser is used to remove the cholesterol deposits precisely, a layer at a time. Several passes with the laser is necessary to reach the base of the deposit.
Remove Pearly Penile Papules (PPP)
You can safely remove PPPs with the Ultrapulse Co2 Laser. A small needle is required to anesthetize the area before the Co2 laser uses heat energy to ablate the individual lesions.
Treat and Remove Various Skin Cancers
Once the type of skin cancer is determined by our physicians, various treatment options will be discussed and recommended to best manage the diagnosis.
Soften and Flatten Keloid Scars
Soften and Flatten Keloid Scars Multiple treatments can soften and flatten these scars, including Intralesional Cortisone Injections, IPL or Co2 Lasers (using Fractional Laser Resurfacing). Silicone gel dressings can also be used in some cases.
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Our lump and bump removal treatments require minimal downtime, meaning you can continue with your day.

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With topical creams and local anesthetics, we can safely remove all lesions quickly and painlessly.

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You will be provided with information on how to prepare for your treatment, based on your skin condition. 

  • Do not take any aspirin or some other blood thinner medications prior to treatment
  • Ensure you do not consume alcohol, caffeine or tobacco prior to treatment
  • Do not tan or get excessive sun exposure beforehand
Post Treatment

During the healing process, it is important to keep the treated area clean and sanitized. We will provide you with details depending on the type of treatment you are taking.

  • Keep the wound bandaged and dry for the first day
  • Wash the wound and keep it clean
  • Use sunscreen for protection
  • Follow doctor’s instructions
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A hemangioma is a benign (noncancerous) lesion made up of clusters of blood vessels. There are four main types: Infantile Hemangioma, which is a common type of birthmark found in infants; Port Wine Stain (PWS), is permanent birthmark that presents as a large flat patch of purple or dark red skin with well-defined borders right at birth; Capillary Hemangioma, which are the most common type of hemangioma and is made up of small capillaries that are normal in size and diameter, but increased in number; and Pyogenic Granulomas (PG), which are small, red bumps often appear spontaneously on the hands, face, arms or other parts of the body. Through laser and mole removal methods, we can remove all hemangiomas.

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