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Dr. Kent Remington Staff Bio’s

Carmen Miller, RN

Carmen is the Surgical Nurse Co-ordinator who has been with our clinic for 17 years. Her goal is to have patients experience a positive surgical outcome. Her schedule includes consultations for blepharoplasties and resurfacing. She also treats patients with a double chin, excessive sweating, and fine lines. She is a successful artist and loves spending time with her family, especially her grandson.

Pam Ritchie, RN, BScN

Pam is a Registered Nurse who has been with our clinic for over 10 years. Her primary focus is with injectables using Botox and Fillers. She sees patients both with Dr. Remington as well as independently on her own clinic day. In her spare time, she is a proud mother to 4 children who keep her busy at hockey and other sporting events.

Gwen Hilton, RN

Gwen is our most recent Register Nurse addition to the team, joining our clinic 3 years ago. She is responsible for initial assessments, various laser treatments, and assisting Dr Remington with procedures. Always active, Gwen enjoys badminton, curling and cycling and spending time on any Caribbean beach with her husband and daughter.

Ioulia Sedlova, RN, BN

Ioulia is originally from Russia and has been living in Calgary since 1999. She is a registered nurse who has been with the clinic for 8 years. Ioulia ‘s responsibilities include various laser treatments, patient assessments / consultations, and assisting Dr. Remington. She is the mother of 3 beautiful kids and enjoys music, cross country skiing and other outdoor activities.

Colette Spackman

Colette is Dr Kent Remington ‘s Executive Assistant and has been with our clinic for over 13 years. She coordinates Dr Kent Remington’s many teaching engagements throughout the world as well as managing many office duties including helping patients. Colette loves to travel and spend time with her family, including her grandchildren.

Adele Webster

Adele is one of the office managers and wears many hats in the clinic. You may find her helping patients, taking patient photos, providing IT support, bookkeeping, or taking care of payroll. She loves being outdoors, travelling, and spending time with her family.

Natalie Swan

Natalie is one of our receptionists. She loves interacting with the patients and contributing to the positive ‘team work’ attitude we have in the office. When she is not at work, Natalie enjoys baking, decorating, hiking and hanging out with her husband and 4 kids.

Dr. Todd Remington Staff Bio’s

Barb Humphreys, RN, BN

Barb first started working for Dr. Kent Remington in 1984. After completing her bachelor of nursing degree, she worked in the trauma unit at FMC before rejoining the Remington Laser Centre with Dr. Todd Remington in 2004. She fulfills the roles of both office manager and head nurse and has extensive training and expertise in laser, medical and surgical dermatology. She has a special interest in the treatment of skin cancer, scars and burns and is passionate about improving patient’s quality of life. When not busy at work, Barb cherishes any time she can spend with her blended family that includes 7 children and 3 grandchildren.

Marie Vacy-Lyle, RN

Marie is a registered nurse who has been with the Remington Laser Centre since 2007. She has over 10 years of experience in all laser procedures, and is highly specialized laser technician and nurse injector with training from both Dr. Todd and Kent Remington. She has also attended multiple advanced injectable filler courses with renowned international filler experts.

Tracy Ockey

Tracy has been working at the Remington Laser Clinic since July 2007. She received her medical office assistant training at the American Institute of Medical & Dental Technology. With 33 years of medical experience with family physicians and a general surgeon prior to coming to the Remington Laser Dermatology Centre, she is a knowledgeable and friendly face amongst the clinic.

Gosia Page-Hanify, RN, BcN

Gosia was the first Registered Nurse to work with Dr. Todd Remington after opening his practice in 2002. Even after marrying and having 3 children, she continues to work on a part-time basis. She has had extensive medical, surgical and laser experience while working with Dr. Todd Remington. She is proficient in all laser treatments with a special interest in vascular therapy.

Rebecca Grove

Rebecca recently immigrated from England in Sept 2017. She has a background in dental nursing and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge and expertise in all aspects of Dermatology. She currently is working in an administrative role, but is hoping to be more involved in direct patient care in the future.

Karen Taylor

Karen received her laser certification from the National Laser Institute in Scotsdale, Arizona in 2009. With over 8 years of laser experience and advanced training from both Dr. Kent & Todd Remington, she has become a highly specialized laser technician. She is knowledgeable, friendly and is truly an expert in her field.

Crystal Bakelaar

Crystal started with the Remington Laser centre in July 2016. She has 10 years of medical experience and is a certified medical/lab assistant. She has a passion for facial products and make-up, but finds working side-by-side with Dr. Remington in direct patient care the most rewarding.

Jenelle Buchholz

Jenelle joined the clinic in December 2016. With a background in medical lab assisting and a marketing degree from SAIT, she has been a great well-rounded asset to the clinic. She is responsible for the majority of the administrative work in the office and has taken on the roles of both photographer and marketer.

Sharee Jerowsky

Sharee received her medial office assistant/unit clerk certificate from Lethbridge College. After working in NICU at the RVGH, she joined the Remington Laser Centre in 2012. She has a special talent for event planning and is responsible for the exceptional product events that we have at the clinic. She has just returned from maternity leave after giving birth to her first baby girl in April 2017, and is now working alongside Dr. Sharon Hackett.

Hayley McDonald

Hayley is the happy, friendly face that greets patients as they come into our clinic. She has worked in the laser industry for over 7 years and brings a level knowledge, compassion and professionalism to our practice. She also has extensive knowledge and expertise in all the cosmetic products and make-up in the clinic.

Kassidy Willis, RN BN

Kassidy is a registered nurse who is the newest member of our team. She graduated from the University of Calgary and specialized in neonatal and maternity health. She has a passion for patient care and enjoys working alongside with both Dr. Remington and Dr. Hackett. She is an excellent addition to our team with her professional and compassionate personality.

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