Tattoo Removal with QX-MAX Tattoo Removal

We don’t know about you, but so many of us made a lot of bad decisions while we were younger. Perhaps you spent too much money on your car. Maybe you drove too fast and got a few speeding tickets that took forever to fall off your record. Or, maybe you got a tattoo that you hate to look at today. Those impulsive decisions take a long time to outlive. Tattoos, especially, used to be thought of as permanent and, for a long time, they were.

Laser tattoo Removal

Now, thanks to the QX-MAX Tattoo Removal system, tattoos aren’t nearly as permanent as we once thought they were. Especially with this laser, tattoos that you thought couldn’t be removed (or were too painful to remove) can be cleared away. You can finally wave goodbye to one bad decision you thought you’d have to live with. Keep reading to learn about QX-MAX Tattoo Removal and if it may work for you.

Skin Pigmentation After Tattoo Removal

Older tattoo-removal technology like Q-switch lasers could help fade tattoos, but they never were really gone. Stubborn tattoo pigments stuck around, so you had a shadow of that awesome butterfly or sun on your shoulder. The QX-MAX laser offers advanced technology that breaks down the pigment into extremely small particles, which are then naturally removed from your body.

The only colors we may not recommend having treated are those that are white or beige, as they can “oxide” to a rusty brown color, so if your tattoo has those colors present, we may not recommend treatment.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The QX-MAX laser works faster at removing tattoos than other, older technologies. We space out treatments so your body gets rid of as much pigment as possible before we start a new session. Some tattoos are gone within 4 treatments, while others may require more.

How Painful is Laser Tattoo removal?

The QX-MAX Fotona laser has improved on one aspect that kept many people away from laser tattoo removal sessions. Pain from previous tattoo removal systems was substantial, but the The QX-MAX Fotona laser feels like a static shock, such as from someone shuffling along the carpet and touching you.

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