The Ears You’re Hiding

There are so many things we can develop worries and self-consciousness about, and we end up disliking parts of ourselves so much that we hide them. We may not love our curly hair, the color of our eyes, or how our nose looks. We can hide some things with beauty products like hair-straightening products, colored contacts, or learning how to contour with makeup.

But, that’s not all we can keep from people seeing. Some people find that they don’t love the shape of their ears, due to age or even trauma, and hide them as a result.

If you find yourself hiding your ears under long hair or hats, avoid wearing statement earrings, or just are self-conscious about your ears, you may benefit from earlobe repair. Keep reading to learn more about earlobe repair and what it can do for you.

What is earlobe repair surgery?

As we age, our ears never stop growing. The cartilage in our ears may grow large and elongate, too, often as a result of wearing heavy statement earrings. Some people may feel self conscious about earlobes that have been pierced and stretched. If they want to wear regular earrings again, they may need to undergo surgery to reduce the size of their earlobes.

This surgery repairs and restructures the earlobe of the ear, so you can stop hiding your ears.

Who is a good candidate?

Anyone who is bothered by overly large, damaged, or stretched earlobes is a good candidate for earlobe repair surgery. If you have stretched your ears with piercings or they have simply become enlarged through age, you are likely a good candidate for earlobe reduction surgery. Smoking or certain medications may need to be halted before surgery can take place.

What is healing time like?

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Depending on your situation, a CO2 laser may be used to help remove scar tissue or healed trauma (such as in the case of an earring torn through the ear). You may be asked to treat your ears gently for a while as they heal.

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