Calgary, AB Patients Can Ask Our Team About Skin Growth Removal Services

At Remington Laser Dermatology Centre, Drs. Todd and Kent Remington are pleased to provide solutions for men and women in the area of Calgary, AB. This includes treatments for skin growths that can develop. Patients interested in removing skin growths such as skin tags or moles are welcome to speak to our team about the removal process.

How are skin growths removed?

Skin growth such as skin tags, warts, and moles are common. Unfortunately, some of them may develop in areas where they can be problematic. They may itch or rub, causing a patient to be uncomfortable. This is when patients often visit our practice to ask about skin growth removal. We can remove many skin growths in a number of different ways, including:

  • Surgical excision – the area is numbed, and the doctor uses a scalpel or circle blade to cut out the skin growth. The area is then stitched closed.
  • Surgical shave – smaller moles can be shaved down and can eliminate the need for stitches.
  • Laser removal – using laser light, many skin tags can be successfully removed in a precise and safe manner with little to no after-effects.
  • Cryotherapy – this method of treatment is often done with warts. Using liquid nitrogen directly on the wart, it can essentially freeze the wart off over the course of several weeks. Several treatments may be required.

What about skin cancer?

For some patients, changes in a mole or skin growth may be an indication that skin cancer is present. The best way to treat skin cancer is to have it diagnosed early on and addressed with the assistance of a doctor. When patients are having unusual skin growths removed, our team of professionals may send these excised growths to an outside laboratory for advanced testing. This is called a biopsy. A biopsy is commonly performed if there is suspicion of possible cancer. If a biopsy comes back as positive for cancer, our doctors will work with patients to determine the best treatment for their specific and unique needs. When skin cancer is diagnosed and treated in the earlier stages, the chances of recovery are extremely high!

Discuss your needs today with the team at Remington Laser Dermatology Centre

If you live in the area of Calgary, AB and are interested in learning more about skin growth removal services, we encourage you to book a consult appointment with Drs. Todd and Kent Remington. The practice is conveniently located at 150-7220 Fisher Street SE and services men and women seeking dermatologic solutions for their hair, skin, nails, and body.

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