What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers have gained great popularity within the spectrum of aesthetic treatment options. At the Remington Laser Centre, our physicians and registered nurses offer their extensive experience to “reflate and not inflate” your lips according to your natural genetics. Lips are the easiest things done poorly and unfortunately, many clinicians aim for a “popular look” rather than what is genetically appropriate for each patient. Our physicians and nurses focus on achieving the most natural outcome possible to enhance overall confidence.

Lip fillers are primarily comprised of hyaluronic acid (HA) and are used to reflate natural contour. HA is naturally occurring in the body and is used in high-grade filler to not only improve contour but also stimulate collagen, elastin and ground substance. On average, HA filler lasts about one year and is slowly metabolized by the body. However, the benefits of HA filler extend thereafter since it works to regenerate collagen, elastin and ground substances that naturally occur in our bodies.

At the Remington Laser Centre, you will experience a comprehensive consultation with both the physician and registered nurse to assess and arrive at a plan aimed at achieving the most natural results possible.

Lip Filler Procedure Overview

Your physician and registered nurse will offer ample time to discuss the preparation and details of your procedure as well as answer all your questions. Post-care guidelines will also be discussed to ensure an understanding of the requirements for the best recovery and final results.

Preparing for Lip Filler Treatment

Before getting HA lip fillers, you will meet with our experienced physicians and registered nurses to evaluate your candidacy for this treatment. It is crucial to provide accurate, detailed information regarding your past aesthetic treatments for them to formulate a safe, individual treatment plan. 

The Step-by-Step Lip Filler Procedure

Close-up of a woman's lips after getting fillers

Step 1: Numbing the Lips

Despite the fact that our physicians and registered nurses do not use needles (instead cannulas that are tiny blunt tubes used to place HA filler in targeted areas), a specially formulated numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure. This specially formulated compound, unique to our clinic, is used for two main reasons: to reduce sensation and also limit the chance of bruising. 

Step 2: Marking Injection Points

After about 15 minutes, topical numbing cream is removed and drawing with a temporary pencil is done to outline treatment zones. With our experienced physician and registered nurse injectors, limited injection points are required since they use cannulas instead of needles.

Step 3: Injecting the Filler

Injecting filler with cannulas greatly reduces the number of entry points required, most often requiring only 4 as opposed to multiple needles. The zone, depth as well as the amount and type of HA filler chosen are all crucial components of your procedure. Our physicians and registered nurses will discuss this with you in detail before your procedure.

Step 4: Massaging & Shaping

Post-procedure, your lips will be gently massaged by your injector to help identify any areas that may still require attention as well as to settle down any mucous glands that often swell during this procedure (often called a “fat lip” if you bump or injure your lip).

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Immediately after your treatment, you can expect some minor swelling which may last for up to 3 days but is quite normal. This is not an indication of final results but does need to be considered when planning your treatment date and expected recovery time. You may require some over-the-counter analgesia (such as Tylenol) that day, but not normally required thereafter. Post-care guidelines will be given to take home but in most cases, there are very few restrictions during a short recovery period.

Lip Filler After Treatment Care 

Immediately after your treatment, it is not unusual to have some minor swelling but thanks to the topical numbing cream and good injection techniques, bruising is unexpected. It is best to avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours and continue all best skin care practices including 50 spf or higher sunscreen to the face and lips.

Results Timeline for Lip Fillers

Improvement can be enjoyed immediately after your treatment however final results can take a few weeks. Any swelling post-treatment can take up to 3 days to subside but has no effect on final outcome.

Treatment Frequency for Lip Fillers

Depending on the type of filler used and your body’s response to HA, you may need to return for maintenance treatments approximately every 6 months to 1 year. We can tailor your treatment intervals based on how quickly your body metabolizes the filler with the goal of increasing longevity as your tissue integrity improves.

Benefits of Lip Fillers

In addition to adding volume and symmetry to your lips, lip fillers may also have an effect on your confidence following the procedure. 

We use the best quality HA filler on the market with its most important aspect being that it can be dissolved. This is important when considering this treatment option as a permanent filler should be avoided for multiple reasons (which can be discussed during your consultation). When considering HA filler for lips, placement and technique are key to achieving natural, desirable results.

It’s Time to Transform Your Lips

With a comprehensive consultation with our experienced physicians and registered nurses, HA fillers can be used to help restore balance and contour to the lips. It is not uncommon for the team to ask for photos of your younger self to ensure your natural genetics are considered in the plan. We pride ourselves on creating the best, most natural results possible while minimizing downtime. 

At Remington Laser Dermatology Centre, we can discuss your goals and health in detail to help you decide which injectable treatments are right for you. Book your consultation today

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